Thursday, 8 February 2018

Why I Like Silicone for Mold Making

Clean the top of the clay with a wet comb, then set four 1/4 " circular 1" long bits of clay on the bed to act as recommendations for the silicone. Put a piece of clay on the top of the sculpture to behave as a pour spout (Sometimes the serve opening will undoubtedly be along the seam line. In that case, make sure you leave it start, never protect the serve hole)

Put a thin layer of Vaseline on the clay bed and sculpture.

(Read and follow warning labels on all silicone molds for fondant ) Mix 1/3 cup of silicone with 2 tbsp of rubber concrete together in a bowl. Must have the texture of peanut butter.

Spread the silicon on the clay sleep and sculpture. Don't cover the the top of serve hole.

Press 1 ½ square pieces of drywall mesh to the silicone. Notice that we did not cover the put hole.

Protect the mesh with a slim layer of you silicon mixture.

Protect dry silicone with coating of Vaseline. Then combine plaster into a dish with water, it should feel just like pudding when precisely mixed. Then put a slim layer of blended plaster on the Vaseline coated area of silicone (do not protect serve hole).

Check out dip 3x 2 items of burlap in blended plaster and place them on the plaster layer from past step. Do not protect serve hole. As the plaster remains damp, carefully apply the surface of the burlap with h2o and smooth out the surface.

Slice the clay sleep clear of your work surface with something sharp (never cut towards yourself). Turn within the shape and remove clay sleep from sculpture. The clay inside the main element slots must be eliminated as well. Clear any outstanding clay pieces off.

Cover first half of the mold and sculpture with Vaseline (don't overlook to place Vaseline in the keys). Now replicate the entire method with this side.

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