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National insurance- varishtha mediclaim policy for the golden years

India is known to produce the best doctors around the globe. Many prominent people have travelled from all over the globe to seek treatment from India. What about its citizens? Are the citizens able to afford this treatment? India is a developing country but I like how it is striving to make health services affordable. Golden years are a time to relax, look back at what you have done over the years and enjoy life. At this age, you are not working because you have retired. Enjoying your old age knowing that you have a health insurance is peaceful. Varishtha mediclaim covers medical expenses even for pre-existing illnesses. The golden years are associated with numerous age-related problems. Illnesses like stroke are covered by this policy. The old people can have a good healthy life knowing that their finances are not interfered with. This is an affordable health insurance for aged people. It is doing a great job by considering the lives of old people. Some are not financially stable because they did not have a good jobs during their working days. For this reason, they live simple lives depending on their children and old age bonuses. Varishtha mediclaim contributes to their good life through this insurance policy.

Benefits of national insurance-varishtha Mediclaim

Before and post hospitalization expenses
The aged people receive coverage for medical expenses of 30 days before and 60 days after hospitalization. Any treatment undergone in 30 days before he/she is hospitalized is covered by this policy. The policy continues to cover them even 60 days after discharge. This is to ensure that they receive a paid-for health monitoring. 
Covers some pre-existing illnesses
Some of pre-existing illnesses covered by this policy include hypertension and diabetes. It is expensive paying for treatment for these illnesses. The illnesses worsen with age and become more dangerous. To keep them stable, the policy covers for the medication. Some illness require people to take medicine almost on a daily basis. Affording this medicines is hard to most aged citizens.
Less ambulance charges
When the golden years knock at your door, you have no option but to open it. The years are accompanied by constant visit to the hospital. Age related problems can attack at any time once you hit the years. For this reason, ambulances are always called to pick a sick old person and take them to the hospital. Ambulances can make several trips to your house a year. However, if you have this policy, you can even decide to call an ambulance because of a headache. This is because the amount you pay for the ambulance is very minimal. A larger part of it is covered by the policy.
Cashback for treatment in non-network hospitals
It is hard to tell where you will be when the next attack happens. Perhaps there will be no network hospitals around. By network hospital I mean those hospitals that accept this policy insurance. If you go to such a hospitals, you will get a reimbursement for the expenses incurred. The insured enjoys other services like reduced consultation fees and medicine cost. 
Cashless claims
How would you feel walking into a hospital, get treated and leave with spending a dime? Good, right? It feels good getting the attention needed and going back home without paying from your pocket. This policy gives the policy holders this benefit. They will not make payments by themselves. The insurance company, in this case national insurance varishtha mediclaim, settles the bill with the hospital.
Eligibility requirements
To buy an insurance cover under this policy, you must be at least 60 years old. This is the minimum age for application. At this age, you are no longer working. You are depending on your insurance and savings. This policy is available online up to the age of 80 years. However, renewing the policy is available up to 90 years of age. The coverage is also renewed on a yearly basis. This is because it provides a fixed term coverage for one year. The policy gives two options for amount of money to insure. These are Rs. 1 Lakh and Rs. 2 Lakh. 
Circumstances under which a payment claim is denied.
Being in your golden years does not mean there are no restrictions. There are circumstances that can lead to your claim being rejected. Looking at them you will realize that they are from individual behavior. The lifestyle you lead has a huge impact on this. It is possible for a smoker to be denied a claim. This happens in the case where the policy holder smokes more than 40 cigarettes a day. When a test is conducted and found that you have tobacco intake, the claim will not be granted. Another incident is problem arising from taking drugs you have not received prescription. Sometimes people decide to be their own doctors. You decide to take over the counter medicine without proper prescription. Others will buy different medicine other than the once prescribed. This can lead to serious illnesses. Any illness as a result of ignorance is not covered by this policy. Medicine used to treat drug addiction are not payable. That is your full responsibility. Suicide is a personal decision that can bring injuries and other problems. This misfortunes arising from attempted suicide are not liable for payment by the policy. The same case applies in a self-inflicted injury.
National insurance limited company is offering affordable health insurance policies to old people. As a sibling, enlighten your parent or grandparents about this policy so that they have a comfortable life. At sixty, life should be sweeter than when you were young. This is when you have no or less responsibilities. This insurance policy will make your life healthier and stress free. Remember that stress comes with more illnesses.

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