Monday, 11 May 2020

Spouses joining citizens of non-EU countries

Visa representation agreements
If your partner is from outside the EEA and applying for a visa to stay over 6 months, they'll have to pay £400 per year for healthcare in the UK, as part of their visa application. As a general rule, you can pay this to the German mission abroad in your local currency. The maximum fee for a first application for a residence permit and EU Blue Card is 100 euros.
Find out if you need a visa?
If you decide to reapply for a UK family reunification visa you will have to pay the fee again. If both parents reside in the UK then they can apply to bring their child over.
Third country nationals legally residing in UK often wish to bring over their non-German family members who reside outside the European Union, whether to remain there temporarily or permanently. The Immigration Authorities in UK, who support the reunification of families, have established a special visa for this purpose, which non-EU nationals can apply for to join their family member in UK. If you wish to work here, you will have to apply for a UK employment visa or for a UK job seeker visa if you need to look for a job first.
You are further permitted to make an application for extension under this category for which you will be given an additional 30 months if the application is successful.
You are also able to show non- employment income, including rental income from a property that you own, or cash savings held whether through salary savings or the proceeds of a property sale.
Copies of the following documents must be attached with the application Form for a long term employment visa.
Your partner pays the costs (fees) of the application immediately.
Joining a loved one in the UK or being able to continue living with a loved on in the UK, might well be the most important thing in your life.
Certain relatives and partners will qualify for a family reunion visa in UK if they meet certain requirements. For the purpose of family reunification in UK, your visa conditions will depend on the status of your relative, spouse or partner in UK.
Therefore, all UK Partner visa applications which gives the applicant leave to enter (or
'entry clearance') in to the UK to join their spouse/partner are made from 'outside' the UK. In this case the application is FLR (M), which you can read more about here.
On the other hand, a single parent is permitted to bring their minor child in UK if he or she has the sole right of care and custody of the child. If a national of the European Union, the European Economic Area or the European Free Trade Association wished to join their family members, spouse or relative in UK, all they have to do is to be able to financially maintain themselves. They can work without the need to obtain a work permit or a residence permit.
Keep in mind that if you decide to withdraw your application after you pay the fee, you will not be able to get your money back. Also, if your visa application is rejected, you will not be reimbursed.
Use this form if you have the status 'long-term third country national' in another EU-country. Of if you are a family member of a person that has the status 'long-term third country national' in another EU-country and you already had a residence permit as a family  member of your partner in that other country. Spouses and partners of British citizens or people settled in the UK can apply for a visa to join or remain with their loved ones. These applications are dealt with by the Home Office under the Immigration Rules.


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